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Local councils are ignoring the science and politics surrounding the 5G rollout. Our government, have recently brought in legislation that allows Telecom companies to bypass local consultation and erect 5G masts and cabinets all around the country. They say it is to improve mobile coverage and give faster download speeds (do you believe them?). Well the WEF has openly stated it is for surveillance and tracking of every person on the planet via a one world government, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) is ignoring the health risks. This website is a source of information that evidences these statements. One thing that we know is that our government lies constantly to the people whilst going about the biggest wealth transfer we have ever experienced. We must look behind the lies and deceit to uncover the truth about 5G radiation and rollout. The video link below, by a WHO insider, is a good introduction to the bigger picture.

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Who We Are

We started as a small group of citizens in Nailsworth, a quiet and quaint town in the Cotswolds, with a real close community feel. We have since joined with similar groups in Stroud, Cheltenham and Gloucester. We are all concerned about the detrimental effects that 5G (and all related EMF radiation) has on our health, nature, and going beyond that, the threat to our sovereignty and privacy. We have been following experts in wifi technology, scientists, academics, doctors and government policy for some time. There is much beneath the surface that is not yet widely known about the effects of 5G radiation.

Our primary goal and mission is to educate not only our fellow community members about 5G and all that is connected to it, but also the elected officials (councillors and MPs), in order to stop all planning applications by Telecoms that are attempting to install many masts & cabinets within our communities.

Our secondary goal is to have our mission spread organically across the UK and stop Telecoms in their tracks. Going to the source of the problem (Telecoms) may take some resources since the government have given them incentives related to the quantity of masts they can erect in the next few years. Ideally we want SDC to acknowledge the issues, see the conflict with environmental plans, and work with us to take back control from government and corporations, of our amazing, beautiful countryside.

The position of our elected local councillors and our MP

We first contacted our MP Siobhan Bailey and we received this reply:

"Siobhan thanks you for raising concerns about the proposed installation of a 5G mast on Spring Hill and appreciates your objections. You may not be aware that MP's are unable to influence or intervene in planning matters as planning falls under the remit of your local councillors and they are your elected to represent (sic) and to make decisions on planning matters."

So we then contacted SDC and said we would like to attend a council meeting to discuss 5G masts in the 5 valleys area. They replied saying it would be better to set up our own meeting and invite the councillors. So we hired a hall, set a date for 22 June and invited the councillors. Every single one we invited had an excuse for not being able to attend. Next I asked them when would be a convenient date for them to attend. I received no response from this.

Through an email that went out to council members to find out where each one stood on 5G/EMFs, this is a portion of what was put forward to them:

"We are hoping that you will join us in formulating a proposal that would effectively reject any and all applications for 5G masts & related equipment from all Telecom companies immediately upon receipt, with no further action enacted or taken."

Sadly, whilst we have been very polite with all our requests to the council for engagement and FOI's we received the following reply ....

”No officers of the Council are responsible for 5G health and safety as per the FAQ website. Furthermore as per our response to another of your requests made on 12th July 2023: “Poll of cllrs on 5G Stance” any future requests about the matter of “5G” will be rejected as vexatious as per the reasons outlined in the response to that request."

A few councillors are in agreement with us that there needs to be a thorough investigation into the dangers of 5G, but it is clear, from the responses we have had that they are under immense pressure trying to deal with general resident concerns, and working to implement the rushed through environmental strategies coming from the World Economic Forum via Central Government. We know this, but when you look behind the curtain at the intent behind these strategies you realise very little is for our benefit. We believe it is time to push back on Central Government with people power and refuse to go along with anything that has not come out of a comprehensive local consultation. Our view is that SDC has been 'captured' by Central Government and no longer represents the people.

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Legal Cases against 5G Rollout

The People Won Britain's first 5G Court Case (website)

"5G companies play on the ignorance of local politicians to get what they want, and when that doesn’t work, slander, bullying, smearing and label-lynching become the strategy du jour. However, 5G can only be dealt with on a local basis."

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Join our email list

We will notify you when a new planning application appears on the SDC planning portal so you can post your objection. The area covers Gloucestershire so you may receive some emails asking you to object to masts in other towns and villages. We can only succeed in stopping new masts when we all work together and help each other out. If a mast is planned in your area people from other towns will help by posting objections.

Posting an objection is quite easy.

Click here to see simple instructions for how to post an objection to a mast.

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Send your email address, name and town where you live to nelly5gfree@pm.me and we will add you to the list of over 220 residents as of June 2023.

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How to post a mast objection on the SDC website

5G masts and upgrades to existing masts are put onto the SD planning portal on the SDC website. You will have to register on the website in order to post an objection.

  1. First go to the SDC homepage at https://www.stroud.gov.uk/
  2. From the main page click the box 'Planning and Buildings'.
  3. Next click on 'Search Planning Applications'
  4. From this page click on 'Search Planning Applications' (note that you will be asked to register on the website in order to post an objection)
  5. Click on 'search' and select 'planning' then 'simple search'
  6. If you know the code (we will send out codes to our email list as we find them on the website) enter the code in the search box (each application has a unique code something like this: S.23/0568/TEL). This will bring up the mast application with its status.
  7. Click on the link to bring up the details.
  8. Click on the 'Comments' tab and enter your objection.

After posting you can click on the 'Documents' tab to see all other objections plus details and drawings of the planned mast and immediate area. Note that it may take a few hours, or days for your objection to show.

Your objection must include the visual, aesthetic of the proposed mast and it's effect on the look of the area. Also include any concerns you have about health dangers of EMF radiation, and the damage to bees, insects, birds and trees. If you are EMF sensitive then say so here. Also if the mast is being erected close to a school or youth club express your concern about the danger to children's health who are at most risk of 5G radiation. If you are not sure what to write have a look at some of the other objections in the 'Documents' section listed as 'public'. You do not have to live in the area to object to a mast as you may visit relatives or services in the area where the mast is located.

Members of our group frequently search the planning portal for new mast applications, and we will inform you via the email list. If you want to check yourself enter the term 'monopole' in the search box as 'mast' doesn't always bring up 5G masts.

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UK government legislation

all links on this page go to the government website www.gov.uk

Caution: when reading anything written by government ask these questions:

  • Are they giving me access to source evidence to back up a statement, or is it just a 'statement'?
  • The government is an expert at SPIN - they can get the majority to agree to almost anything by the clever use of words and the media, so ask, what could their true motive be for doing/saying X?
  • When they say 'there is disinformation spreading online' it means they want to hide something by telling you it's not true. They want to do your thinking for you, so you don't bother to look.